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    Child's Information

    This form is an agreement between The Resistance Barbell Club and the parent/guardian of the child that wishes to gain membership. All under 18 must ensure that their parent/guardian has filled out this form.

    By signing this form, I agree that:
    • I have read and signed The Resistance Barbell Club Release of Liability form.
    • I give consent for my child(ren) to use the facilities provided at The Resistance Barbell Club.
    • I understand and have discussed with my child(ren) that The Resistance Barbell Club is at times unsupervised and that they are to abide by all gym rules and guidelines.
    • I have discussed with my child(ren) and The Resistance Barbell Club owner/representative about any potential limitations utilizing any of the equipment due to my child(ren)’s age, fitness level, and any previous illness/injury.
    • I understand that there is a risk of physical injury during exercise. Very heavy resistance training for teenagers that are not fully developed can be detrimental to future growth and development. I agree to ensure my child(ren) is well informed on the ramifications of this type of training when not controlled.


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